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A Guide on Choosing Winter Tyres for Your Car in Cold Winter Months

extreme snow tyre chainsThere’s no doubt having winter tyres installed on your car can improve your safety and handling as you get more grip on the road if driving in snow or frozen conditions.  If you need winter tyres Seal Island Tyres can help. If the road temperature drops under 7 degrees for a few months of the winter season and it is snowy and icy for an extended period of time then fitting winter tyres will give you that extra grip and stability to keep you save and moving.

Entrance to PremisesFor some people seeing terms like winter tyres some people might picture car tyres having spikes or even studs on them or possibly tyres covered in snow chains but that isn’t really all that winter tyres are. Winter tyres or fitting winter tyres in and around the frosty and frozen months is becoming increasingly more popular among people today. More than 10% of drivers in Europe install winter tyres on their car or truck plus in Germany it is in fact nearly 50% of drivers that fit winter tyres to their car. Winter tyres shouldn’t appear different from normal car tyres, having said that they do sometimes have distinct tread designs and are manufactured with a much softer blend of rubber which improves grip on the road in freezing weather. But winter tyres aren’t only whenever there’s snow or frozen ice or slush. Most are safe for all common winter conditions including slush and ice and the dreaded black ice or snow.

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The cons to fitting winter tyres

Can be a little more pricy when compared to normal car tyres not to mention you might want to change these over when the cold seasons end. Should you be concerned or worried what the prices might be you will find we could very well save you as much as 40% off the cost of high street garage or quick fit prices.

The pros to fitting winter tyres

You’ll have a lot more traction when driving in frozen conditions and be considerably safer in those cold winter seasons. In freezing circumstances, a summertime tyre can typically require a minimum of an additional 8 meters before it will come to a full stop in comparison to a winter tyre which is 2 more car distances. Winter tyres can substantially decrease the likelihood of getting involved with a traffic collision throughout the cold months of winter.

Winter tyres are substantially more highly developed. The majority of tyre manufacturers make winter weather tyres to a extremely high grade. Tyre technological know-how has advanced a lot today. For instance the new compound Silica has been mixed with the rubber elements which make them substantially more adaptive at those low and or freezing conditions.

So contact us for more information or if you have any questions or concerns about fitting winter tyres

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