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Air-Con Same Day Re-Gassing Only £45

Does your air con need a re-gas? We can fully re-gas your A/C unit so that it’s ready for next summer! Even if you don’t think it does need re-gassing, we can always check for you and a re-gas of your A/C unit can have many additional benefits all round!

If your cars air con has stopped pumping out cool fresh air then the most common reason for that is that it’s ran out of gas and will need a re-gas. Most car A/C units need a re-gas every 1.5 to 2 years usually to keep them working properly.

And if you haven’t ever had yours done, it’ll not only make your car much cooler in the summertime. But can have other all round benefits to having an optimum working air conditioner in the winter time or any time of the year.

Regassing your A/C means that your A/C unit will be working at optimum condition and performance and can have great benefits all year round. Not just in the summer time when it’s hot and humid, but also useful in the winter for demisting your windows and lots of other reasons and purposes too! For starters, when you air con needs a regas, it will be putting extra strain on the battery and can even use up more fuel and put extra stress and strain not only on the air con unit itself but your cars engine too.

So having an optimum working car air conditioning unit that’s fully gassed can mean better performance from your car. As well as keeping you cool in the summertime, or even for demisting your windows during the winter time too!

Benefits of Regassing Your Cars A/C Unit with Seal Island Tyres

  • Gives you a better, more comfortable driving experience.
  • Makes your car more aerodynamic when windows are closed.
  • Makes it safer to drive your car as clean air keeps you alert.
  • Makes your car give you the best optimum performance.
  • Saves battery usage, puts less stress on the engine & saves fuel.
  • Keeps you much cooler and refreshed in the hot summer months.
  • Demists your windscreen & windows in cold winter times.

All of these reasons and more. So if you’re looking for an aircon regas in West Sussex and the surrounding counties pop in to see us at Seal Island Tyres and we can regas yours there and then from just £45.

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