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Air-Con Same Day Re-Gassing Only £45

Does your air con need a re-gas? We can fully re-gas your A/C unit so that it’s ready for next summer! Even if you don’t think it does need re-gassing, we can always check for you and a re-gas of your A/C unit can have many additional benefits all round!

If your cars air con has stopped pumping out cool fresh air then the most common reason for that is that it’s ran out of gas and will need a re-gas. Most car A/C units need a re-gas every 1.5 to 2 years usually to keep them working properly.

And if you haven’t ever had yours done, it’ll not only make your car much cooler in the summertime. But can have other all round benefits to having an optimum working air conditioner in the winter time or any time of the year.

Regassing your A/C means that your A/C unit will be working at optimum condition and performance and can have great benefits all year round. Not just in the summer time when it’s hot and humid, but also useful in the winter for demisting your windows and lots of other reasons and purposes too! For starters, when you air con needs a regas, it will be putting extra strain on the battery and can even use up more fuel and put extra stress and strain not only on the air con unit itself but your cars engine too.

So having an optimum working car air conditioning unit that’s fully gassed can mean better performance from your car. As well as keeping you cool in the summertime, or even for demisting your windows during the winter time too!

Benefits of Regassing Your Cars A/C Unit with Seal Island Tyres

  • Gives you a better, more comfortable driving experience.
  • Makes your car more aerodynamic when windows are closed.
  • Makes it safer to drive your car as clean air keeps you alert.
  • Makes your car give you the best optimum performance.
  • Saves battery usage, puts less stress on the engine & saves fuel.
  • Keeps you much cooler and refreshed in the hot summer months.
  • Demists your windscreen & windows in cold winter times.

All of these reasons and more. So if you’re looking for an aircon regas in West Sussex and the surrounding counties pop in to see us at Seal Island Tyres and we can regas yours there and then from just £45.

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Full Car Servicing, Winter Checks & All Aspects of MOT Work

Has your car failed its MOT? At Seal Island Tyres we can do more than just replace your old tyres with new or part worn’s. We now also do full car servicing and winter checks as well as all aspects of MOT work too to get your car fully MOT ready!

Remember, we have the;

About Us

Seal Island Tyres is a family run business established in 2011 and we aim to be the best for prices and customer service around and wont be beaten on price! We’ll aim to beat any price and will price match if where beaten on price.

Get your winter check and a full car service done with Seal Island Tyres this winter 2017.

Contact us on 01243641600 or 07557515385 or pop in to our yard:


Unit 10, Enborne Business Park (Next to the Nature Reserve)
Selsey Road, Sidlesham, PO20 7NE

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New Driver – Used Car? Make Sure Your Tyres are Good!

If you’re a new driver who’s just recently passed your test and got your full driving licence, we know it can be an exciting time to get out on the road in your car and drive anywhere you can just for any excuse to drive!

But as a driver, you should know that, it’s also your responsibility to make sure that your tyres are adequate and safe for road use. Your cars tyres need to be inflated to the recommended pressure and they need to have the adequate amount of tread on them too. If they aren’t and you get pulled over by police and they check them, they will issue you an on the spot fine and possibly even points on your licence! Not the greatest start in your driving career.

We’re sure you’ve already checked them before you purchased your car, and we’re sure you already know that eventually, you will need new tyres fitted. Whether they are new new tyres or part worn tyres. It’s just part and parcel of being a driver!

And we know that this is something you probably don’t want to think about until the time comes, but its better, (so much better) to make sure you know how you can go about it and where you can go to get new (or part worn) tyres from when the time comes!

When the time comes, or even if you’re in any doubt now. Just pop into Seal Island Tyres at Unit 10, Enborne Business Park (Next to the Nature Reserve) on Selsey Road in Sidlesham, PO20 7NE. And we’ll give you a free recommendation there and then as to whether you should fit new (or part worn tyres) or tell you when you will likely need them based on how much mileage you’re doing every month and when you’re likely to need a tyre replacement fitted.

Unsure if your tyres are adequately safe now? Give us a call or pop in to see us for a free quick quote. You can reach us on 01243 641 600 or mobile 07557 515385. Our Opening Hours are Monday: 8.15am to 5.00pm. Tuesday: 8.15am to 5.00pm. Wednesday: 8.15am to 5.00pm. Thursday: 8.15am to 5.00pm. Friday: 8.15am to 5.00pm. Saturday: 8.15am to 12.00pm.



Don’t Get Caught on the Ice this Winter! Get Your Winter Tyres Fitted West Sussex

With the winter months moving in, the mornings and evenings are getting colder which means that the roads can become icy and frozen, especially when its been raining. Having the right tyres with optimum quality tread can make all the difference in cold, wet and icy conditions reducing the chance of sliding out and loosing control. So don’t get caught out this winter and make sure your tyres are winter worthy with our great low cost new and part worn snow and winter tyre deals.

Don’t Get Caught on the Ice this Winter! Make sure your tyres are winter worthy with us!
Whether you’re just driving to work or driving is your business, whether you own a small car to large truck or van, Seal Island Tyres can help you to stay safe on the wintry roads of West Sussex or wherever you travel to this winter! Pop in to us to get a free tyre check and recommendation and quote on the spot. Especially if you do have worn tyres on your vehicle. You may need new tyres which we may have in stock or we can order them in for you if you need them.

We have the Best Prices for New and Part Worn Tyres in West Sussex w/ Price Match and offer free tyre disposal. And you can expect to receive a Professional Vehicle Maintenance Service for Your car including puncture repairs, wheel tracking and balancing. Brake pads and brake discs, exhaust pipes, suspension, oil, batteries and more.

Do You Need Winter Tyres For The Winter of 2015?

winter tyres 2015We’ve covered both the pros and cons to fitting winter tyres in our Guide on Choosing Winter Tyres for Your Car in Cold Winter Months. In the winter months 10% of European drivers fit winter tyres, in countries like Germany where it is colder for longer over 50% of drivers do. Winter tyres aren’t like your normal tyre as they can have different tread and be softer improving grip on frozen roads. Some can be used in all conditions all year round. But for really snowy, slushy conditions, snow chains can be fitted to the wheel which can provide much more grip and traction.

  • Having good winter tyres on can decrease the likelihood of having a collision during cold winter months due to having more grip, traction and control.
  • Driving conditions are improved with winter tyres in frozen conditions compared to standard summer time tyres making you safer.
  • In freezing circumstances, a summertime tyre can require a minimum of an additional 8 meters before it will come to a full stop compared to a winter tyre which is 2 more car distances.

If you think you need winter tyres or are unsure, pop in to see us and we’ll have a look and let you know. We can give you a free estimation and quote on the spot or give us a call first and we’ll let you know if we have yours in or have to order them for you.

Seal Island Tyres – Vehicle Maintenance Services West Sussex

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Best Prices for New and Part Worn Tyres in West Sussex w/ Price Match

We have the best prices for new and part worn tyres in West Sussex and we guarantee it! We’ll price match any other genuine quote you have had from other part worn tyre providers.

We have lots of new and part worn tyres in stock call us now on 01243 641600 / 07557 515385 and ask us about our prices and to see if we have tyres for your vehicle.

Remember, we also offer other vehicle maintenance services such as puncture repairs which can be cheaper and more effective than just replacing the tyre itself. We do tracking and wheel balancing as well which can improve the handling and road worthiness of your car.

Free Tyre Disposal

If you have any old tyres that you don’t want or need any more, bring them into us and we’ll dispose of them for you safely.

Seal Island Tyres can also provide you with new brake disks and brake pads. New exhausts and suspension and much more also!

Call us now on 01243 641600 / 07557 515385 and ask about our services and how we can help you.

Professional Vehicle Maintenance Services We Offer For Your Car

Seal Island Tyres can do a lot more than just replace your old tyres with new or part worns.

We are also able to provide;

• Puncture repairs
• Tracking
• Wheel balancing
• Old tyre disposal

We can also do;

• Brake disks and pads
• Exhausts
• Suspension
• and much more!

Give us a call now if you have any questions.

01243 641600
07557 515385

On site café available while-you-wait.

Just In New And Part Worn Tyres And Commercial Sizes Available

New Tyres now inJust in more new and part worn tyres car and commercial all sizes available call 01243 641600.

We also do:

• puncture repairs.
• wheel balancing.
• tracking.
• brakes.
• exhaust.
• suspension.

• emergency call outs available.
• and lots more!

We’ll also make sure that we won’t be beaten on price and service! T

Try us today.

Call us 01243 641600 if you have any questions.

Out of ours number: 07964 539183.

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