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Snow Tyres

Winter Tyres in West Sussex For Your Car

To ensure complete safety, fitting high quality snow tyres is critical during the frozen winter months as snow tyres have better grip on snowy and icy roads which will help you to stop quicker and improve the steering of the car also.  Dangerous driving conditions inevitably result in road closures, stranded vehicles, minor accidents and long delays. All usually caused by not having the correct tyres for the environment.

Seal Island Tyres can install snow tyres on your car for you. Whether you have a small or lightweight or heavyweight car, van or lorry, you will find you will benefit from having Snow tyres on your car.

Are winter tyres okay for all seasons?

Snowy tyresNot particularly because the tread on a snow tyre has a more aggressive tread pattern than summer car tyres. Although snow tyres are designed to retain their flexibility at low temperatures unlike in the summer time when the roads are hot. Remember, because you’re using winter tyres for your summer tyres for at least a quarter of the year, you’ll also save wear on your other tyres which prolongs their life also. Lastly, rubber can become brittle at low temperatures so summer tires are not suitable to be used in winter times.

How do snow tyres work?

extreme snow tyre chainsSnow tyres have a uniquely designed tread and rubber compound composition to provide the best road grip, handling and safety for drivers. Snow tyres have different tread patterns which are more of a block pattern with large center groves to dissipate the water and slush. The blocks give you more road contact surface but don’t clog up with snow because of the spaces between them. They also have slits known as “sipes” which help to dissipate the slush and water.

Now obviously always buying new snow tyres every year could be expensive so you should store your snow tyres properly. Seal Island Tyres is happy to fit them for you whenever you need. Simply bring them in with you and we’ll fit them to your car there and then.

In places where the weather is extreme, like Alaska. The law makes it mandatory to use snow tyres. Over here in the UK it is optional of course but definitely well worth considering for your own benefit. If you’d like to know more about snow tyres and whether we can fit them to your car then give us a call on 01243 641600 or 07821 566948 and we’ll be happy to help.

Safe Snow Driving Tips

  • Only drive in the snow unless you absolutely have to. Traveling in the daytime is safer than at night.
  • When driving – always leave more room between you and the vehicle in front to allow for increased braking distances.
  • If going on long distances in the snow – always tell someone of your plans and take a mobile phone for emergencies.
  • Brake gently to avoid skidding and if your wheels start to lock up ease off the brake slow also.
  • Keep to the crown of the road, where the water will be shallower, and look out for the white line




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