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Does Your Car Need New Tyres? We Can Tell You!

We know that when you need to buy new tyres for you car it isn’t the most appealing of things you might want to do. But it is a very important and vital one none the less. Because your tyres are what comes into contact with the road and makes driving possible and good quality tyres are an important part of driving safe on the roads today – you should pay close attention to the health and life of your tyres to stay as safe as you possibly can while driving.

How to Spot Worn Tired Tyres?

tread depth gaugeYour tyres will need replacing as soon as the tread on them falls below the minimum legal requirement which is 1.6mm across 3/4’s of the treads width and across the circumference of the tyre itself. While that’s the minimum legal tread limit, the tyre actually becomes less and less effective at gripping the less and less tread that it has on it. So it’s much better to replace your tyres when the tread gets to about 2-3mm. To put it into perspective for you, new tyres have a tread thickness of about 8mm.

If you’ve just literally fitted or had fitted new tyres to your car then its likely the tread will be about 8mm thick. But you should really check the tread at least once or twice a month to see how its doing and to determine roughly when you might need to replace them based on how many miles you’ve done and how many more you’re like to do.

And it’s important that you don’t just rely on guesswork for this. You will want to use a very accurate way of checking and measuring the tread by using an official tread depth gauge tool. By using it you will be able to get an exact measurement of the treads depth within the groves of the tyre in multiple places all around it (across the circumference). And this only takes a couple minutes to do for all 4 wheels!

20p coin tread depth trickOf course, you can also use the 20 pence coin trick if you don’t have a tread depth gauge tool. However, this method is less accurate but okay for a “quick roadside test” and something the police will do if they don’t have the tread depth gauge tool to hand. All you need to do is simply place the 20p coin in the groves of the tread and if the border of the coin can be seen above the tread, then the tyre needs replacing with a new set.

One thing worth mentioning here is that most new modern tyres actually have tread wear indicators moulded directly into them so that once the tread has been worn down to the point where these indicators are showing, the tyres have reached their legal road limit and will need replacing as soon as possible.

Checking the tread depth of your tyres is just one part of your overall general car maintenance and upkeep. While you’re checking the tread, you should also look for any cracks and bulges in the tyres too. If you can see any such thing then these are a sign that the tyre is degrading and needs replacing.

Does one or all of your tyres keep deflating and going flat? If so and you need to keep pumping air into them on a more frequent basis as you would normally do so, then its possible that you’ve either got a very slow puncture or a leaking valve. So again, you’ll need to replace them!

Bald Tyres – A Definite No No

Got bald tyres? Don’t delay! Get them replaced with new tyres ASAP. We all know the dangers of driving with bald tyres. Your handling, traction and braking will all be hampered and reduced making it harder to control your car. Especially when its raining or snowing. Quite simply, never drive a car with bald tyres as you’re not only putting your own life at risk but the lives of other road users too. It’s just not worth it.

Changing Old Tyres For New

Obviously if you’re going to get new tyres for your car then you will want the same size and type that your car has already. It might be worth getting the same brand and tread pattern as well as manufactures often make treads that are designed specifically for that particular vehicle.

Correct Tire RotationYou can go with other brands too but for this reason, we say stick with the manufactures brand recommended tyres and try not to use a different mix of brands tyres on all four different wheels with different treads on each for performance and durability reasons. The correct tyre rotation will need to be applied else the car wont drive right.

Even if you have a front wheel drive vehicle, it’s still better to fit the best tyres on the back wheels. And if you are going to have new tyres fitted to the front then you’d be better off putting the back wheels on the front and fitting the new tyres on the back wheels instead.

Do You Need New Tyres? Are You Unsure? We Can Tell You!

If you’re unsure if your vehicle needs new tyres yet or not, just pop in to see us and we’ll do a free tyre inspection there and then and tell you the health of your tyres and whether they need replacing as well as recommend some new tyres for you.

New tyres can be purchased from ourselves at Seal Island Tyres. We have most brands of tyre in stock and can easily source and fit them for you if we don’t. You can even shop around for quotes from different tyre fitters but we will match any price on new tyres that you find anywhere else in the whole of West Sussex and surrounding counties.

Pop in to see us in your car or give us a call for a quick quote. We’re based on the Selsey Road, Sidlesham. Unit 10, Enborne Business Park (Next to the Nature Reserve) PO20 7NE.

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