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How to Know Your Tyre Type, Size and Speed Rating Etc?

For people not used to the buying of used tyres, the thought of needing to know what tyre size you need from the 100’s that exist might be a daunting experience.

Some can find it a hard to find but it’s quite simple. The simplest way to discover your current tyre size is actually to look at your tyres which are currently fitted. All the details you’ll need are shown on the sidewall of the tyres.

Primarily the combination of characters and digits on the tyres sidewall  can appear confusing, nonetheless when you understand just what each one means it will be simple and easy to understand.

Essentially, there are usually 4 to 5 sidewall markings. In most cases there will be 4. But sometimes there may be up to 5 for special tyres or commercial tyres.

Tyre Guide

Tyre Sidewall Markings Explained

  1. 205: This 1st part of the code informs you of the width of the tyres in millimeters.
  2. 65: This informs you the height of the tyres sidewall as a percentage of its width. Sometimes called the ‘profile’ or ‘aspect ratio’.
  3. R15:¬† This informs you that the tyre is of a radial structure (the R) and what the diameter of the tyre’s inner rim is in inches.
  4. 95: This number gives details relating to the max weight the tyre can take on.
  5. H: This letter signifies the fastest speed the tyre can take. Such as the load rating.

Now you know how to find these details. All you need to do now is use our Tyre Selector Request Tool and order your part worns online.

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