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Part Worn Tyres for Sale in Chichester West Sussex and Surrounding Areas

If you own a car or lightweight vehicle and are looking to buy part worn tyres and live in the area of Chichester West Sussex or surrounding areas or counties such as Worthing, Bracklesham, Hove or Brighton, Bognor Regis, Arundel, Littlehampton, The Witterings, Pagham or Selsey. Then pop into Seal Island Tyres your one stop shop for quality New and Partworn tyres for sale for your car or many different makes of vehicle.

Or Call Us for a quote or free advice about the tyres on your car. Tel: 01243 641600 / 07821 566948.

Seal Island Tyres are located in the Enborne Business Park on the Selsey Road in Sidlesham in between Chichester and Selsey.

We provide and fit tyres for most makes of new and old cars. Small, medium to large, light vehicles like cars and vans. You can call in on us anytime and we will probably be able to fit new part worn tyres for you on the spot there and then or within the hour. We have all the right equipment needed to adequately remove your old tyres and fit the new part worn tyres to your wheels and then reattaching them to your car safely. Optionally we can also provide a Wheel Aligner Service with our Supertracker 4 Wheel Aligner. As well as a Wheel Balancing Service to improve your vehicles road handling and will maximise the life of the tyres. These services and quality part worn tyres can usually be provided for you within the hour. Contact us first to ensure we have your tyres first.

What Are Quality Part Worn Tyres?

We know that part worn car tyres are tyres that have been partly used by a previous owner but not so much that it’s illegal to drive on the tread that’s left on the tyre. In fact most part worn tyres come from Continental Europe and in Europe they have different tread depth limits to us in the UK and these can be imported and used on vehicles in the UK. The tread depth limit is actually more than ours but to answer what quality part worn tyres are. These are indeed used tyres that have been used to a certain extent. But they still have much tread left on them and are in a very good condition. These types of tyres are safe to take from one cars wheels and fix to another. In fact in doing so one can be sure the tyre is checked fully before being fitted. Checking the tyres involves looking for things like tyre cuts, Ply or Cord exposure, Lumps, Tears or Bulges and of course, Tread Depth. Once cleaned up they’re as good as new.

When to Buy Part Worn Car Tyres?

The Road Vehicles Regulations 1986 and Motor Vehicle Tyres (Safety) Regulations 1994 laws set regulations for the tread depth on the tyre and what you’re allowed to drive on being 1.6mm. Three quarters of the tread in a continuous band throughout the tyre. Obviously though, for reasons of safety; it’s a good idea to replace your tyres well before the actual legal limit is reached. This includes when using new and part worn tyres. Remember to check your tyres regularly to ensure you are driving legally. Contact Seal Island Tyres for advice on how to check and whether you need new tyres on 01243 641600 / 07821 566948. Or call into us now Seal Island Tyres are located in the Enborne Business Park on the Selsey Road in Sidlesham in between Chichester and Selsey.

Where Are Seal Island Tyres Located?

Enborne Business Park (Next to the Nature Reserve)
Selsey Road
Sidlesham (Near Chichester)
PO20 7NE
Tel: 01243 641600 / 07821 566948
Email: contact (AT)

Opening Hours

Mon to Fri: 8 AM to 5.30 PM.
Saturday: 8 AM to 4:30 PM.

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